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Online Marketing

Tools & Sources

Start doing your Facebook Page,

Landing Page & Facebook Ad.

Tools and Sources below could help you a lot

Content Farm

where you get good articles to share

HD Photos/Videos

download the professional production for free

Picture Editing

- edit your images online


Video Editing Software

- easy steps to do your own videos


Video Recording

- record your own video by laptop


Chat Bot

- for your Facebook messenger plateform


Landing Page Template

- a guideline for doing your sales page


Chinese Font

- downloading for your wix or pc use


Text Overlay

- check your FB ad image with text

Shorten url

- turn your long url into a short one

Youtube Video Downloading

  • Find a meaningful video related to your business in youtube

  • Add “ss” in front of “youtube

  • becoming

  • then click “download without installation

  • NO direct sharing youtube link to your FB Page

Whatsapp Link


  • Change 0123456789 to your mobile number for whatsapp

  • %20 is code for “space”, edit the text to your own content 

Online Tutorial Video

login your account to review what you learned

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